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Day 2, Hebrews in Canaan
Time Event
2000-1700 BC Abraham is born in Mesopotamia and brings his family to Canaan.
During a famine, Abraham's grandson, Jacob son of Isaac, moves to Egypt.
approx 1280 BC Moses leads Israel from slavery and into the wilderness toward Canaan.
1250-1050 The nation is led by Judges and serves as twelve tribes.
1220-1004 Saul serves as the first King of Israel.
1004-965 David Becomes King, and several Psalms were written.
965-922 Solomon Builds the first temple.
922 The Kingdom Divides into two distinct groups following Solomon's death.
850-580 Prophets come to warn of impending doom if the Israelites do not turn back to God.
722,586 The Kingdom Falls. In 586, Judah is exiled to Babylon and the temple is destroyed.
Timeline adapted from

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Day 2 Scripture Reading

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